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Friday, September 05, 2014

Gregory Smith 'In the blink of an eye' exhibition

My painting teacher and mentor, Greg is holding his 30th solo exhibition at Victorian Artists Society, and I went to its opening.

I first saw him at this iconic building about a year ago. He was demonstrating a portrait painting.
I was immediately blown away by his masterful painting method and his philosophical  approach to his work.
And I thought, " I have to learn oil painting from this artist."

It's been a great privilege to learn from him for about a year now.
His dogged insistence of painting from life, his method, particularly initial sketch where we're encouraged not to draw outlines, and seeing subjects as tonal block of shapes, etc.....

Everything he says leaves me a great impression, and they all make a great sense.
And he's very approachable as a person.

Everybody I've met says the same thing.

"There aren't many great artists as good as him, but surely there are. But, there are very few great artists who can also teach as good as him."

I bought a small still life painting. I'm really excited.

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