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Monday, September 15, 2014

Oil Painting lesson with Gregory Smith - Day 10

This is the second session.

Greg told us that we'll start by covering her dress with Ivory Black. She was actually wearing a dark green with lots of patterns.
He showed us how to get shoulder round using different tones, but, I found it very difficult. The ideas was that getting underneath structure right, ignoring all other patterns.

Then, he told us to put Burnt Sienna on the lighter area of her hair. Again, ignoring all the details. And it worked!

Then, I put shadows on her darker side from forehead down to her neck.
After that,  I put middle tones and then light tones to try to create a three dimensional effect. I don't think I succeeded it.

I really struggled to do her eyes, and run out of time.

My colour looks a bit dirty, and that's always my challenge.

Greg told me that at my level, it doesn't matter if a painting looks like a model or not, as long as I learn something new,  and don't be in a rush.

And the most important of all is, to get darks. In other words, unless there are strong darks, it's impossible to get sculptural effects.

Words of wisdom, really.

We're all fortunate to have such a fantastic model sitting for us.

Unfinished. 16 x 20 in.

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