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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'Archibald Prize' at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

It was a beautiful spring day here in Melbourne.
In the morning, I went to see this iconic exhibition.

Everybody has their own opinions on this prize. I have to confess, there're many other prize that I've found far much more exciting.

Actually, there are very few paintings that caught my eyes.

I liked Jude Rae very much. It seems such a simple portrait based on traditional style, but, when I looked at it closely, I found her paint application very contemporary.

I also liked Mirra Whale. Again, very simple composition beautifully done.

At the shop, I bought this book.
It's a catalog of the exhibition at National Gallery of Australia, although I don't know when it was.

It includes Bernard Hall, Tom Roberts, Hugh Ramsay, Max Meldrum.....
What a treat!

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