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Sunday, May 24, 2015

'Banksy Does New York' at NOVA

After seeing a very good watercolour exhibition at NGV Ian Potter, 'Heartlands and Headwaters' by John Wolseley, we went to see this engaging film about the world-famous but very elusive artist.

Whether graffiti is a form of "art" or not, is a very tricky question. Surely it all depends on the definition of "art", and we can have an interesting discussion about it. 

This film follows Banksy's one month 'residency' in New York in 2013. I remember reading articles about it when this was actually happening, and thought what a fascinating idea. 

The way the film documents unfolding stories is very clever with fast-paced editing, the use of social media footage and dynamic soundtrack. It gives audience an illusion that we're witnessing it in real time. 

I particularly liked 'Banality of Banality of Evil', 'Crazy Horses Riding Through the Lower East Side'. Two of the most powerful and political works done brilliantly. 

My favourite however is his attempt to sell his authentic stencil works at $60. This one is really splendid. I always love irony, and in this he throws at us a very fundamental question of 'what is art?'. 

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