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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Painting in Harrietville near Bright

Again, the weather was so good today that we decided to go back to Bright.
There are many gardens open today, and after dropping by Shady Brook Cottages, about 30 min from Bright, we drove to Lavender Hue Garden. The owner Verona is a lovely person and I had a great chat.

It's a beautiful setting along a river, and we set up easels there.

Buildings are always a challenge. I've found it very difficult to get perspective right. I now realise that I got all vertical wrong. They all look slanted. It's appalling that I didn't see it when painting.
Apart from that obvious errors, I'm reasonably happy with its overall impression.
This is the last painting during the trip.
Altogether 6 painting in a week. It's a great experience and I really enjoyed it.
Oil on panel. 10 x 12 in.

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