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Friday, July 17, 2015

'Archè' by Melbourne Ballet Company

After work, we went to Hawthorn Arts Centre. 

This production is based on Greek mythology in which a swan is considered as a messenger of the gods. 
The word means 'beginning' in Greek, and the source of four basic elements, Earth, Wind, Air and Fire. 

Through elegant movement of swans, the production portrayed an interaction between these elements, the birth and the death. 

With very touching music and superb choreography and beautiful costume, the company again succeeded in creating mesmerising space-time in this beautiful venue. 

We had a great time. 

By the way, in the foyer, some paintings are on display, among which an oil painting by Graham Moore, 'Still life with figurine'. 
My painting teacher Gregory Smith studied with him. 
Greg always talks about his mentor, so, I was particularly interested in seeing his beautiful painting. 

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