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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Circus OZ

We went to see this iconic circus this evening. It was my first time, so, I was very excited. 
A walk to Birrarung Marr was shockingly cold, but, Melbourne at this time of a day and year exhibits a stunning view with sparkling jewel-like lights everywhere in a dark. 

It was well beyond my expectations. All the performances were brilliant. From very comical acts to extreme physical performances. 
And the whole space in the big tent was filled with laughter, excitement and coziness, which together with hotdogs and ice cream, take us back to our dream-like childhood. 

The only thing I felt very uncomfortable was a supposedly comical trick that involved severing performer's body parts with a sword. 
I found it very distressing and inappropriate, especially in front of many children, and considering the terrorist threats our civilisation is facing, the act was utterly unnecessary and extremely offensive. 
I hope the company will consider dropping that act. 

Apart from that, we had a fabulous time, and definitely will come back to see them next time. 
It was a great evening. 

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