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Sunday, July 12, 2015

'Respiro' exhibition by Marco Luccio

We went to Step Gallery in Carlton this afternoon. 

Marco is one of my favourite Australian artists and is very famous for his print works. 

This exhibition of abstract paintings is a completely new frontier for him, well that's my impression. 

We are very lucky to speak to his partner Debra, also very successful and respected artist, in the gallery. 

She's an extremely kind person, and she always spends some time to explain their artworks. 

She told us how Marco started this body of paintings. 
It's a very moving story. He was trying to explore the fundamental question of his existence as an artist. 

He decided to throw away any superfluous and get down to its core, that is, art as 'mark-making', therefore, abstraction. 

In these paintings, he deployed only two elements, "pure process" and "pure joy". 

The result is a stunning series of abstract paintings, very physical and dynamic. 

In this exhibition, we're invited to witness his unrelenting devotion to art. 

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