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Friday, August 07, 2015

Painting Trip to Maldon with Gregory Smith

In the morning, we drove to Maldon for a four day painting trip. 

We arrived at around 11 am. Greg and others were already painting in town. 

We set up our easels quickly and started to paint. 

I run out of time, and couldn't finish this one. I spent about hour and a half. I think this is a good start. 

Unfinished. 16 x 20 in. 

Then we drove to Baringhup, about 10 minute drive from town. 

I set up my easels right on the river. 

I spent about 3 hours on this one. The bridge was very tricky, it was curved at first, Greg told me to fix it. 

As usual, water and its reflection is very difficult to render. And greens are not quite right. 

Greg offered me some suggestions, but he told me that the most important thing is just to enjoy painting. I think he is right. 

Oil on panel. 16 x 20 in. 


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