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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Bangarra Dance Theatre, 'lore'

We went to PlayHouse in Arts Centre this evening. 

I've never seen this dance company before, but, Kate had been raving about them, so, I was very excited. 

There were two programs, 'SHEOAK' and 'I.B.I.S', and both told a moving story of land and sea. 
I particularly liked the latter for its sheer variety of dance, from very comical scenes, very lyrical movements to thunderous performances. 

I also loved soundtrack by Steve Francis. His unique electronic sounds matched this work brilliantly. I could get this music on its own and enjoy it. It was that good. 

Interesting thing was, I bumped into my client in the theatre, and she introduced her husband. And it turned out that his brother is the composer!!
We had a chat during an interval and that was nice. 

It was a great evening. 

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