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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Rachel Dettmann and Tim Murphy exhibition

We went to Kyneton this afternoon to see our friends' exhibition. 

Both of them are students of Gregory Smith. Rachel and I are in the same class and I always enjoy seeing her painting develop. 

When we were in Newstead as part of Greg's painting trip in August, she painted Kate standing in front of her easel, also painting en plain air. 
It's a beautiful work, typical of Rachel's style, and that's the one we bought. 

Tim's works are also beautiful, very loose and tonal. He seems to work small, and that creates intimacy in his works. 
There's a lovely painting of a pear, Kate's favourite, and we bought it. 

There are many great works on display, and Kyneton is a charming town. 
The exhibition is open one more weekend, and I highly recommend. 


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