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Thursday, December 31, 2015

90 oil paintings in 2015

I've just gone through all the painting I've done this year, and found there are 90 paintings in total. 

Each has its own memory. Different time of year, location, weather, models...
I vividly remember them all. 

Some paintings are good, others are not as good. It's all about learning and enjoying the process. 

Most of the outdoor paintings are done with Kate. 
In Malmsbury, Beechworth, Bright, Mt Martha, Castlemain, Maldon..... 

Paint Out Day with Greg and many artist friends. Great painters in Greg's studio in Strathmore. 

Also, good friends at Last Peek Studio in Thornbury, and lovely models we had in there. 

It was great. I loved them all. 

Painting has given me an enormous amount of joy, and challenge!

I can't wait to be in the field or studio painting again. 

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