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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Plein Air Oil Painting

We drove to Alphington Wetland this afternoon. 
I didn't know this place existed, but Kate has been here before with her artist friends. 

It's surprisingly beautiful area, completely hidden from busy roads nearby. 

I had a really hard time painting these gum trees. Greg did a splendid demo painting gum trees, and I tried to remember how he did it. 

However, I found it very difficult to do trees when they are close.
Looking at the painting now, I think I didn't observe shapes and tones well enough, particularly branches towards top area. And sky holes! 
I need to study how Streeton painted these subjects. 
I'm reasonably happy the way the river goes behind, though. 

It was a gorgeous day. 

Oil on Panel. 12 x 16 in. 


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