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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Plein Air Oil Painting

We went back to Alphington Wetlands this afternoon.  

While we were painting last week, I had a walk around the river, then found this beautiful spot. 
It's completely hidden from a walking track. Unlike the spot we painted last time, this place offers unhindered view of water, trees and sky. 

After watching Greg's demo yesterday, I was wondering if it's easier to paint trees with flat brushes. 
I saw Greg doing gum trees beautifully with just a few strokes of brushwork. 

I have some Rosemary's Ivory series from England, but haven't used them for a long time. 
So, I had a go at it again today. 

I'm reasonably happy with this one, particularly tree trunks. 
Forms of trees and their tones are a bit shaky, but I think I managed to capture the effect of light. 

Well, I've got three big mosquito bites!
Apart from that, it was a great day. 

Oil on panel. 12 x 16 in. 


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