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Saturday, June 04, 2016

Painting trip to Lorne -Day 3

After crushing disappointments in town Lorne yesterday, we decided to get out here. 
Kate suggested that we should drive towards Apollo Bay to see if there are some better areas to paint. 

As we drove west, with trusted Kate at the wheels, I found the scenery got more charming and there were less and less ugly apartments. 

We took a U-turn just before Apollo Bay, and decided to stop at Wye River. 
There was a drizzle but no wind, it wasn't cold either. I found this place offered a great view, so decided to set up my easel here. 

I had to shelter myself from rain, so, I put a little umbrella in the tree!

I spent about 2 hours. I don't know how oil paints work with rain, and its effects on the quality of paint surface. 

I again had lots of problems painting water and waves. I was very carefull to push background further away from me. 
I don't know how to paint this kind of misty atmosphere with oil. I should ask Greg. 
It was a great session. I really enjoyed it. 

Oil on panel. 12x16 in. 

Then we had chai tea at this General Store. This place is really lovely. Kate said coffee was great, too. Very charming and quiet music. Staff were very friendly. 
This is what we were looking for, and we finally found it!

We took a small walk along the shore. It was fascinating to see different rock formations, breathing fresh air, hearing rhysmical sound of waves one after another. 
It was great. We really love this tiny gem in Great Ocean Road. 

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