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Friday, June 03, 2016

Painting trip to Lorne -Day 2

As of writing this blog, it seems entire Lorne lost power supply. So, no lights in the room, except candles and gas fire.  Kate took advantage of this situation, and started meditation session!

Earlier in the day, we went to Teddy's Lookout. It was beautiful at the time, with no wind, so we set up our easels there. 

We spent about 2 hours. It was very peaceful. I had lots of troubles painting water and waves. However, it was great, I really enjoyed this one. 

Oil on panel. 12x16 in. 

It got windy and cloudy in the afternoon. We had lunch near the beach. 
We took a walk, but, I think Lorne is suffering from tacky gentrification. No charm in this town. I guess summer would be dreadful. 

In the late afternoon, we did a pochade box painting in the cottage. This gas fire creates a lovely atmosphere. Mind you, that's before the room got pitch dark. 

Oil on panel. 7.5x9 in. 1.5 hours. 


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