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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Plein Air Oil Painting

I drove to Warrandyte, 45 min north-east of Melbourne this morning. 
This is a lovely area with plenty of cafes in a main street, and surrounded by beautiful parks. 

I took a long walk in State Park, and got lost in the bush (I think I need someone who gives me a direction), finally managed to get back to a main street. 

In the end, after late lunch, I decided to set up my easel here at Warrandyte River Park. 

Painting water is always a big challenge, and I couldn't paint rocks at front. 
I don't think this painting is a successful one. 
However, it was very peaceful, great for my mind. I will come back and try it again. There are many good spots for painting anyway. I should have a look at shops as well. 

3 hours. Oil on panel. 16x20in. 


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