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Friday, September 02, 2016

'Three Marriages' by David Whyte

I've finished re-reading, no, re-listening to this book. It's a MP3CD I had borrowed from a library. 

Subtitled as 'Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship', he encourages us to reexamine our sense of these three important but seemingly separate entities in life. He argues that these are actually inseparable and intertwined with each other and should be treated, or approached as such. 

With abundant narratives, his own life experience and others' in literature, he takes us to a journey of self discovery and understanding of others around us, particularly our loved ones. 
Rilke's powerful poem 'The Panther', is a great one.

I particularly loved this audio format. His illuminating voice resonates deep in my heart. He possesses very unique and distinctive way of reading, especially poems. It's very rare and precious to come across authors/poets who can write and speak as lucidly as he does. 

In times of dark, personal reflection, his words, written or spoken, will give us an opportunity to stop, take a deep breath and reimagine who we really are. 
Being here and now. 

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