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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Beyond the Line: 1st & 2nd Year VCA Dance Program

I went to Southbank this evening. 


'Around' by Rochelle Carmichael was a standout. I've seen her works in previous years, like, 'T.Issue' and 'Stone', and was always impressed by her unique, theatrical expressions. 

This production wasn't anything I've seen before. 
It's very difficult to describe it. It's part of Tim Burton-esque mysterious fantasy world. It also suddenly descends into 'Gangnam Style' cacophonous incongruity.
Choreography itself was fascinating, a series of very complicated movements, but, dancers obviously were capable of pulling it off effortlessly. 
With dream-like costume, clever prop and soundtrack, this is a production that dares to challenge our imagination. 
I liked it a lot. 

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