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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Painting trip to Grampians - Day 1

I left for Dunkeld early this morning. 
I had lunch at Beaufort, and then drove south to Streatham. This area was beautiful. Big clouds floating in the sky, and the fields leading up to hill were just gorgeous. 
Because I was driving by myself, I had to restrain myself from looking at them all the time. 

After arriving at Information Centre in Dunkeld, I found this spot near the Arboretum where I'm staying for the next 5 days. 

This is near a gate of a private property just off road, overlooking Mt Sturgeon. 

It was sunny at the beginning, but, it soon got very dark and an aweful gust of wind started to hit me, and I had to hold a canvas as I painted. 
Worse still, it started to rain very heavily and I had to return to my car, leaving my easel behind, worrying that it might collapse. 

Due to bad weather, in the end, I couldn't continue. That's a shame. I was liking this painting. It was quite a challenge. I can't say I enjoyed it, but, it was fantastic, painting in this beautiful environment. 
I guess I spent 2 hours. 

Oil on panel. 16x20 in. 

I had a lovely dinner with my host. Some neighbors came around as well. It was just wonderful. 


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