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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Painting trip to Grampians - Day 6

Well, any great things in life have to come to an end. Then, move on. We have no choice. A new thing in life will come to us, or rather, we'll make it happen, and we should be able to embrace it. Such is a joy and sorrow in life. 
In the morning I left Dunkeld for Melbourne.

Paul & Pauline at Cloud Mountain Retreat are wonderful host. Very generous and kind. 

Architect-designed building offers a fantastic and relaxing spacetime. Reminiscent of the Eames House in California. Also, they have a great sense of interior decoration. It truly is a lovely place. 
It's also next to The Arboretum and offers an awesome view of Grampians. 

I was very lucky to have come across with them through AirB&B. I'll definitely come back. 

On my way to Ballarat, I decided to stop over at Willaura. Greg had told me that this is where Streeton painted one of famous views of Grampians. 
Unfortunately it was raining and I couldn't see much, so I set up my easel under a roof of a house across a petro shop. 

Some neighbors came around and we had a good chat. I didn't have much time, so, this is a small sketch. 
I spent 1.5 hours. 

Oil on panel. 12x16 in. 

Then I drove to Art Gallery of Ballarat to see Archibald Prize exhibition. 
I loved Marcus Wills, Chris Browne, Natasha Bieniek, Lewis Miller...
They're all familiar names. 

I spent half an hour or so upstairs. There're two Hugh Ramsay and one Max Meldrum. That's nice. 

Well, I'm back in Melbourne now. Still raining...
It was my first trip to Grampians. So refreshing and relaxing. I needed it. 
It's certainly different when you're on your own. 


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