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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Plein Air Oil Painting

It was very windy and weather forecast wasn't good, so I decided to go back to Le Page Homestead in Hawkstowe. 

I challenged myself today, and set up easel here. Well, it was the best place to avoid a gale. 

It offers a great view of front garden to the hill and sky as a background. 

There're so much going on, and I really struggled. I spent 3.5 hours. I think I have to redo front fence. They're too dark. 
I had a lovely chat with artists who were painting inside. 

16x20 in. Oil on panel. 

Although the wind was getting very strong and dark clouds were approaching, I decided to do a small sketch under the shelter before going home. 

I spent 1.5 hours on this one. 

Oil on canvas. 9x10 in. 



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