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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Painting trip to Majorca - Day 3

I drove to Avoca, half an hour drive from Majorca, this morning via Talbot. This route was very interesting, beautiful rolling hills one after another.  I didn't have time to spend in Talbot, it's a very small town, but, it looked very charming. 

After leaving Information Centre, to my great surprise, I bumped into Rachel, my fellow artist in Gregory's Monday class. She was accompanying her brother for his business trip to the area. It was surreal. My brain couldn't register her being there. We had a lovely chat at pie shop. 
I have a good impression of this town. It felt very relaxing and welcoming. 

The lady at Information Centre recommended that I should check it out around Pyrenees region, so I drove north along B220. I knew it's going to rain. I needed a place under a shelter to paint, but, that was very hard in the open field. 
However, when I got to Moonambel, I saw a charming house with gorgeous orange coloured tree across General Store.
So I decided to set up my easel here, looking towards Church St. 


It was sunny when I started but, after an hour it started to rain heavily as predicted. This was one of those days when I got timing and planning just right. 
As for the painting, I think I couldn't get orange coloured tree ( I wish I knew the name of it ) right. Also, another tree just in front of the house was very tricky too. I painted the house first, then the tree. However, because the paint was still wet, it got a bit muddy. I have to ask Greg. 
I spent 2.5 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

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