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Monday, July 03, 2017

Plein Air Oil Painting & Self-Portrait

It was a beautiful sunny morning, but, I knew it's going to rain heavily from early afternoon. So, I went to Le Page Homestead in Hawkstowe Park early in the morning. 
I haven't been here for a long time. This is my favourite place to paint with lots of fond memories. There's a shelter to avoid wind and rain. 

As expected, it started to rain towards the end of session, but, I was well protected. 
I think I should have checked the angle of its roof more carefully. It looks slanted towards the left. 
I spent 2.5 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

Because it was raining and windy, I decided to go home. Then I thought about doing a selfie painting. 
There's a big mirror in a bathroom and it's always tricky painting in this studio (?). 
I struggled a lot today to do my eyes. I need more practice. 
I spent 2.5 hours. 

Oil on canvas. 11x15 in. 

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