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Saturday, March 17, 2018

‘Murphy’ by The Australian Ballet

I went to State Theatre in Arts Center after work. 
“Hiro!” I heard someone calling my name while I was reading a program. Alas, it was my artist friend and her seat was next to mine. 
She was with her ballet teacher. We had a wonderful time. 

The show is a celebration of Graeme Murphy’s life works in the past 50 years. 
At the beginning, there was a clip of his interview on a screen. His words were very inspiring. They could apply to many other fields of artistic disciplines. 

I particularly liked Grand, Air and Other Invisible Forces and of course Firebird. 
Set design, lighting and music. Beautiful synthesis. Costume design by Akira was just stunning.  

The selection of today’s programs somehow felt lacking in sumptuous, crowd-thumping extravaganza. Probably that’s not the point. 
Just like paintings, there are plenty of beauty in rather muted tones than vivid colours. We need to have eyes and minds to see them, feel them. And truly appreciate them. 

It was a great evening. 

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