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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Circus OZ - Precarious

After work, I went to a big top in Botanic Gardens with a friend. 

I’ve been going to see their productions every year and I love them. 
Unlike previous years in Birrarung Marr near the Yarra River, this venue was a lot smaller and there wasn’t a break. 
That made this ‘Precarious’ much more intimate, cozy and thrilling. A real circus atmosphere in a small country town. 

There was a clever story line about our environment. All the acts were superbly executed. Music, costume and choreography were all meticulous. 
What a talent and creativity they demonstrated! Again!

I love their humanistic approach to their production. They always acknowledge the traditional owner of the land. At the end of the show, they seek a donation for Asylum Seeker Resource Center. 

According to an information, this is their 40th anniversary. I consider them as one of the most iconic institutions in Australia and would like to keep supporting them. 

It was a wonderful evening. 

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