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Saturday, November 10, 2018

VCA Dance 2018 - In The Aether

After work, I went to Space 28 in Southbank. 

This is presented by graduating dance and production students. 

Anna Smith’s ‘In Two’ was very familiar. I’ve seen it last year with, I think, almost the same dancers. Very stylish, energetic and lyrical. Yin and Yang. 
She seems to feature Max Richter quiet often. In June I saw her ‘Heretofore’ with his mesmerising music. 

‘Herkate’ by Lina Limosani was very challenging to watch. Eerie almost. With dancers’ faces covered, dark costumes and spooky lighting, it successfully creates another-worldly atmosphere. Especially with buzzing, insect-like soundtracks. 
Then one by one, as their faces started to be revealed, I got this wonderful sensation of, say, metamorphosis. Larva to pupa then adult. 
Well, my impression may be off the mark, but, I enjoyed this one a lot. 

I’m afraid to say, I didn’t enjoy the others. 

Good luck to the future of everyone involved. 

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