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Monday, February 18, 2019

At Eternity’s Gate - film

I went to Palace Cinema in Balwyn this morning.  

With Willem Dafoe as a main character and directed by Julian Schnabel (“The diving bell and the butterfly”), I had super massive expectations for this film. 

Well, maybe I’m different. Unlike all those fabulous reviews, I left the cinema with super massive disappointments. 

I didn’t like shaky handheld camera work and pointlessly disruptive editing. There was nothing in the film that I thought I could engage. I’ve read lots of books and watched many lectures and documentaries, and I have to say this film had nothing to offer for me, except Dafoe’s superb performance. 

If one really wants to get to the heart of Van Gogh, apart from seeing his paintings and actually doing some paintings by oneself, the best way is to read his letters. 
You’ll gain far much more. 

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