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Monday, February 18, 2019

Oil painting lesson with Gregory Smith

The final session. 
I started today by refining her ear. There’s lot of warmth in this area, Light Red is always a good one to do that. 
I changed hair at from a bit. Greg mentioned that highlights from her nose can’t go right up to her fringe. This is such a small thing but I didn’t notice it. 

Then I did some work on her ear ring, and shift overall skin tone towards warmer by using Cad Red and Alizarin. Be very careful though. 

The biggest challenge is her eye. The shadow was too dark. I first put Burnt Sienna as eye liner, then Raw Umber. Her eye started to pop up. Then very carefully put highlight in her eye. 

Finally I readjust her lips. Highlight on her lip wasn’t at the right place. 

Well, that’s it. It’s so much fun whe we have such a lovely model as Matilda. We’re all very grateful to her. 
I cut her hair last December, and finally she’s allowed to get another haircut. I’ll see her this Saturday. 

Oil on canvas panel. 16x20 in. 

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