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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

‘Into the Woods’ at Ivanhoe Grammar Ridgeway Campus

After work, I went to see this production. 

I have clients whose children are taking part in this work by Stephen Sondheim, and we were talking about this. I love going to theatre, so, I was very looking forward to it. 

I was blown away!
Well, I had never been to see a play/musical performed by high school students. It’s a very complicated story with multiple subplots. 
The scale of production is very big with large number of actors, production staff and musicians. 
I also loved costumes, beautifully done. I’m assuming they were all done by students. Incredible. 

Actors on stage were all brilliant. I’m no expert, but they did a great job. They all seemed to be so confident and comfortable. And what a voice! Beautiful sopranos by girls and tenors by boys. Very clear and articulate as well. 

I’ve been to many musicals when working in London and some here in Melbourne, but, I’d say this one is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. And they are high school students!

The theatre was packed with lots of great vibes. Go and see this wonderful musical. 
I highly recommend. 

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