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Sunday, August 25, 2019

AVEDA Colour Harmony Awards 2019 in Sydney

Paige (GreenElement Hairdressing) was selected as a finalist, so I decided to go to Sydney for the Awards night. 
You can see all the finalists here

To my mind, there was no question that her entry was the best in ‘Digital’ category. Hair, makeup, costume, model, final image... Everything. 

However, she wasn’t chosen as a winner. It was a total disbelief. I was shocked. How could that happen? 
The entry is supposed to be judged by its total look. That’s why this is called ‘Colour Harmony’ Awards. 
The winning image only shows hair from behind, not even costumes. How come you evaluate ‘colour harmony’ of the work when you can’t see a face? And present the ‘Colour Harmony Awards’ to that? What happened to the competition theme ’Worldhood’?? Come on. 
I won’t go any further here.  Have a look at the image for yourself. I completely lost faith in this competition now. 

I managed to do some paintings during my stay and that was fantastic. 
It was a great trip although it left a bitter taste. 




Oil on canvas 12x9 in. 

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