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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

‘You Daughters of Freedom’ by Clare Wright

Published by ABC Audio and narrated by the author, this is one of the best audiobooks I’ve ever listened to. 18 hours of pure joy.

I’ve seen a film called ‘Muriel Matters’, an Australian-born suffragist, and read about her online, but knew nothing about other women in this book who fought for adult suffrage movements in Australia and Britain. 

What a story! It’s really a fascinating piece of history. A right to vote. Such an obscure notion for us. Like, air to breath. We almost forget about it. Well, here in Australia, it’s compulsory. It’s hard to imagine that many people died for it just a century ago. 

And what illustrious characters these women were! Their intelligence, courage, wit... This book weaves their lives together in a very lucid and entertaining way. You never get bored reading this highly charged political events one after another. The structure of  the book is so well constructed. 

I’m often disappointed to listen to great books read by authors very badly. Here is a happy exception. Her narration is superb. Her voice is very easy to my ears. Very clear and not too fast. She has an awesome way of changing her pitch when quoting some characters in the book. I love it. 

This is a remarkable book. A very educational one as well. Highly recommended. 

Let’s say, Vida Goldstein. What would she say if she saw the society we live in now, politicians we have, cultural/moral degradation, plastic mess we create in our environment....
"You, daughters and sons of freedom, you've squandered it."
What do you think?

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