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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'Interplay' by Sydney Dance Company at Southbank Theatre in Melbourne

This is a spectacular triple bill performance.

First off, '2 In D Minor'.
It's based on Bach's solo violin, Partita, and it was a very elegant and stylish dance performance.
Chaconne is one of my all time favourite Bach. Just beautiful.

Next comes tonight's most powerful performance, 'Raw Models'.
This is truly a mesmerising, modern and striking contemporary dance at its best.
With fantastic lighting, sound and costume, this one really rocks.

Finally, 'L'Chaim'.
This one is difficult to interpret, but, I take it as a way of sending a message to say that these dancers are just ordinary people, just like us. But, look at what they can achieve after years of years of practice and determination!
Looking at this performance this way, I do think it succeeds and makes a great sense to finish off tonight's brilliant dance performance.

You must go and have a look for yourself.

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