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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Melbourne Magic Festival

We went to Northcote Town Hall in the evening. 
I've been to this festival before and I loved it. It's not a big festival but I've found it has a very cosy atmosphere. 

I picked up this performance, 'Turn on the Dark with Zabrecky' simply because he looked a great magician on the net. His website is here

As it turned out, this was the best magic show I've been to. Well, I haven't been to many, I must confess. 
We both loved his very intelligent story telling in his performance. He was very funny, too. And the tricks were all mesmerising. 

He chose some members of audience to the show. Lo and behold, he picked Kate!!! We were sitting right at the end, and it was unbelievable. 
I think she did a splended job on stage. 

It was truly a most memorable experience indeed. 

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