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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Painting trip to Majorca - Day 5

I'm sitting next to a fireplace at Governor's Cafe in Old Castlemaine Gaol now. 
Its guided tour was very fascinating. A bit morbid, I have to say. 
I always wondered how to pronounce 'Castlemaine', no one was able to give me a concrete answer. Today I had an answer thanks to a very good tour guide. 
The town was named after an Irish man, therefore, it should be pronounced the same way as "cat", not, [Ka-].  That would be English. 

Earlier in the day, the drive from Majorca-Eddignton-Maldon-Castlemaine was beautiful. The sun was casting glorious shadows everywhere, and big clouds were being swept away rapidly. 
There's a tree that caught my eyes, so I decided to set up my easel here.  This is somewhere between Eddignton and Maldon on Eddignton-Dunolly Rd. 


I had a lovely chat with its owners. This time, I was very careful about aerial perspective and the shape and tone of the tree, indicating the light was coming from left side.  
I spent 2 hours. Although it was a bit sketchy, I'm reasonably happy with this one. 

Oil on canvas. 14x18 in. 

Airbnb I staryed in Majorca was very relaxing, in the middle of sheep farms. It offers an amazing view. I had a whole house to myself. 
I think I did some decent paintings this time. 
It really was a great holiday. 


Now, off to Melbourne. 

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